Bible Explorers

Bible Explorers is a six-session adventure to introduce 3rd-5th graders to the Bible in a way that sticks! The sessions are designed to be exciting, engaging, and experiential, as any expedition should be. Kids will get a chance to interact with their friends and their Bibles in ways that equip and inspire them to read their Bibles regularly at home. This course packs a lot into 6 sessions, with the intention that it will be introduced in grade 3 when children first receive their Bible, and repeated in grades 4 and 5 to reinforce the learning. Sessions are designed to last from 45 minutes to an hour, and use minimal materials. You will need access to an a/v set-up (a screen and sound), to watch the recommended videos. This version aligns with the Deep Blue Kids Bible published by Abingdon Press, but could easily be adapted to other versions of the Bible.

Beauty from Ashes:
Lent Encounter

This one-hour session is designed to help kids of mixed elementary ages encounter Lent in an engaging and meaningful way, as they come to understand some of the theology behind the practices of Ash Wednesday. It includes time for hands-on learning, for receiving ashes (or mud if preferred), a responsive art activity, and a bonus game if there is extra time. Preview the first page and download at Dandelion Marketplace using the link below.

Children’s Messages

Is it your job to share a children’s message during the worship service or to introduce an idea at the beginning of children’s church? Get ideas for engaging Scripture with children by watching children’s messages with GLU-Kids founder, Pastor Carol. These messages typically follow the lectionary readings, and feature a “wow!” moment to help the message stick.

Christmas Musicals

What’s even better than teaching kids the Christmas story and introducing them to traditional Christmas hymns? Empowering them to shine on stage as they share those traditions with a congregation! GLU Kids Christmas musicals all tell the story of Jesus’ birth in creative ways, with original dialogue and fun arrangements of traditional carols. They also feature enough speaking parts to accommodate every child who wants one. Each musical is available at different pricing options depending on how many kids you have and whether you want just scripts or music too.

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